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27. - Jun 1, 2018
Greetings from the DC Society SAR! I am in the Short Hills area for work the next year and hoping to meet some SAR compatriots from the First Mountain Chapter. Please let me know when your next meeting or event is scheduled and how I might join. Many thanks, John Stonesifer

26. - Apr 11, 2017
I'm wondering where you got your information on where Philip Sarvent/Serven was born. His father Philip E. came from Holland but according to church records his children were born here. I am a direct descendant of Philip E. Serven and Katrina Stypers.

25. - Apr 5, 2016
I'm a new member of SAR and am to join your chapter, please contact me. Thanks, Richie Thomson 196761

24. - Dec 23, 2015
I am a new member also in North Arlington Richie! I believe I was admitted to the group via the National/State Chapter Apps but not sure; please inform me if there is a ceremony and how to join... Thanks!

23. - Nov 22, 2015
How about my membership request new SAR member #196761? Hope to hear from you soon? Richie Thomson

22. - Nov 13, 2015
Hi, I live in North Arlington, NJ and am a new SAR membership #196761 and would like to join your group? Richie Thomson

21. - Jan 23, 2013
How do we get a password for the members board?

20. - Jan 23, 2013
I'm a new member and would like to attend the meetings. Do we need to make reservations for the ones at Pal's Cabin or do we just show up? Are meetings at the same time/day each month or every other month? Since I officially certified on November 8 I was told my dues were paid through 2013. Does that include chapter dues and , if not, what are they, and how are they paid?

19. - May 24, 2012
Looking for any information on Richard De Clark who married Margaret Sarvant. He then married Maria Parsells about 1820 and had a son Richard Clark, Jr. Any information would be most helpful.

18. - May 1, 2010
The next meeting of the First Mountain Chapter of the NJSSAR is scheduled for Saturday May 15, 2010. Hope to see you then at Pal's. -Kevin

17. - Apr 26, 2010
I feel I'm missing SAR meetings. When's the next one?

16. - Nov 29, 2009
After switching to a new and better web hosting service, the First Mountain Chapter guestbook / messageboard, as of today, after a hiatus, is, once again, fully operational. Eric

15. - Sep 11, 2007
Compatriots: I'm sorry to have missed recent meetings,but I've had domestic problems. In the summer of 2006, my wife lost a battle with breast cancer, but we hoped they'd got it all. July of 2007, and it appears it may have moved to lungs. She went to the Mountainside ER on July 3, August 5, & Sep 6 and just came out of ICU yesterday. I'll hope to make the Nov 10 meeting. duane

14. - Aug 30, 2007
This message board has recently been plastered with junk messages left by web-robot programs that parse webpages to distill out data entry form parameters then programatically post their junk messages. Consequently, to immunize Firstmountain's public message board from this nuisance, I added the new heuristic number image read and enter feature which today's version of these junk programs cannot perform. Eric

13. - Jan 10, 2007
Congratulations on a great website and on the great work you are doing. Patriotically yours, George J. Hill, M.D. Past President, New Jersey State Society, S.A.R. Past Vice President General, S.A.R.

12. - Dec 25, 2006
Merry Christmas to living descendants of the patriots who fought and helped to obtain our freedom, and may those descendants, and their families, be blessed throughout the New Year with health, happiness, and success in all their endeavors, and may God bless our society to bring us together to perpetuate the memory and values of our patriot ancestors. Eric, First Mountain Chapter webmaster

11. - Oct 28, 2006
I believe I am a 2nd cousin to your member Duane Meyer. I'm a member of the New York City Chapter, NSDAR via James Caldwell. I worked with SR on the Battle of Brooklyn and with the First Continental Chapter, SAR here in NYC. I was so excited to find I have a cousin in this area!

10. - Aug 21, 2006
Dear Sirs- I am a past President of the Montclair Chapter, S.A.R. and I need to re-new my membership in your chapter.I live at 59 Avon Drive, Essex Fells, NJ 07021 and I continue to present the Outstanding Citizenship Awards to eighth graders at the H. B. Whitehorn School in Verona each year. Very truly yours, Charles A. Poekel, Jr., Esq.

9. - Jun 27, 2006
I would like to address this message to chapter member Martin Scharloo III. Sir: my name is Trisha Serven and I am researching the genealogy of the Serven family. Your direct ancestor, Philip Sarvent, has been identified as the son of Philip E. Serven and Katrina Stypers in two books on the Serven family -- in 1876 by Rev. David Cole and in 1933 by A.R. Serven. I am updating and amending Cole's and A.R. Serven's books and am trying to determine if your an

8. - Apr 7, 2006
The site is Terrific. I hope it grows.

7. - Mar 6, 2006
Looks great, Eric!

6. - Nov 14, 2005
The message that can be entered on this message board without being truncated after submission has a maximum length of 465 characters. To leave a longer message enter a second, or third etc., separate consecutive message. Eric

5. - Nov 14, 2005
edm: the two mis-spellings have been corrected. Thanks for flagging them. I got the 1928 date for First Mountain from the NJSSAR website on its State chapters webpage. I'll correct the year, but what is the correct year? Eric

4. - Nov 14, 2005
Eric: The site looks very nice! There are a couple of mis-spellings of "Society" in two of the sub-sections, but they are easily fixed, I guess. :-) Also, in the About section, there's a bit of inaccuracy. First Mountain was established within the past decade or two; not 1928. As I mentioned at the last meeting, the Montclair Chapter was dwindling, so it was decided to close it, and go to lst Mt, to include all of Essex County. The other municipalities wer

3. - Nov 14, 2005
Where's the password registry? I don't see how members register to gain admittance to the "members only" area. edm

2. - Nov 10, 2005
The new Website is fantastic! Great Job! Bill Volonte

1. - Nov 05, 2005
It was a pleasure to meet each of the attending members at the October 29, 2005 meeting of the First Mountain Chapter. I look forward to participating in upcoming events. Eric

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