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- Memorial Day Weekend -
- George Washington Memorial Cemetery -

photos: First Mountain panorama Washington Elm Boy Scout

On Saturday, May 28, 2011 members of the First Mountain Chapter joined Washington Elm Society members, and others, at the George Washington Memorial Cemetery in Paramus, New Jersey, to install American flags in the grave sites of deceased veterans, in remembrance of them and their service to our country.

The watchful eye of Providence took care to provide a perfect warm sunny clear day for this undertaking. The tools needed for installing the flags consisted of a hammer and a large awl, to create the holes in which to insert the flag staffs. Also needed were some bottles of drinking water, to avoid dehydration, and some applied sunscreen to ward off sunburn.

Others partaking in the event included Boy Scout Troop 18 of Florham Park, New Jersey.

Back in the year 1776 the United States of America declared their independence and assumption of separate and equal station among the powers of the earth, grounded upon the sovereignty of the American People who possessed unalienable Rights, among these being Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Our ancestors, back then, after the solemn issuance of this Declaration, to claim such station, fought a bloody and extended revlolutionary war ending in 1783 when the British empire recognized it could not prevent the United States of America from assuming its place among the powers of the earth.

Since that first Revolutionary War that established our independence, other wars have been fought, each adding to the ranks of our history a new wave of veterans that answered the call of duty, making sacrifices that we must always remember.

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